Credentialing & Enrollments

Provider Credentialing

Credentialing is an essential part of becoming a trusted healthcare provider by the endless list of insurance company venders out there in the marketplace. Medstrix is providing credentialing/contracting services to healthcare practitioners who wants to be credential with the insurances

Provider Enrollment

Enrollment refers to the process of requesting participation in a health insurance network as a provider. The process involves requesting participation, completing the credentialing process, submitting supporting documents, and signing the contract. We are offering all types of enrollment and helping providers to be enrolled with insurance who wish to bill the claims and receive reimbursement for services as an in-network provider.

Type of Credentialing

Types of Enrollments We Offer:

  • New Provider Enrollment
  • Adding a New Providers in Existing Practice
  • Enrollment with New Insurance Company
  • Renewing the Contracts with Insurances
  • All Type of Other Enrollments