Value Added Services

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We are committed to help Providers focus on Patient Care rather than running behind technical issues. At Exponere, we’ve carefully crafted a unique set of Value Added Services to further compliment your business needs. We offer effective business solutions ranging from Patient Calling to Remote IT Support services.

Complimentary Patient Calling

Patients can call our Toll-Free number for billing inquiries, at no extra charge

Complimentary Advance Eligibility

Free Advance Eligibility for next-day’s appointments to help identify self-pay patients & avoid denials

Complimentary Yearly Review

A comprehensive Billing Services Review report of all claims submitted/paid for the entire year

Patient Scheduling

Let Exponere Billing handle your patient scheduling for only $99.99/month (per provider)

Custom Analytical Reports

Monthly Practice Analysis and Monthly Service Analysis reports are available on-demand

IT Remote-Support Services

Don't want to pay your IT Consultant hourly? Let us take care of your PCs, Networking & Devices remotely

Practice Audit

Medstrix Audit Expert allows healthcare service providers to review their billing practices, coding semantics, and claim submission approach. It is a way to see if their system runs smooth or needs an upgrade for improved performance in medical billing and coding. Moreover, medical billing auditing also gives insights into the inconsistencies that might not be a problem at the moment but can be disastrous after a while, and in this kind of situation save their Medical Practice from Penalties through the correct implementation of HIPAA act.

Credentialing & Enrollments

What's Credentialing?

Credentialing is an important a part of turning into a depended on healthcare provider with the aid of the countless listing of insurance organization venders available in the marketplace. Medstrix answers is presenting credentialing/contracting offerings to healthcare practitioners who desires to be credential with the insurances. As a Healthcare issuer, there are a few steps you need to take with each insurance carrier to ensure which you are offering the exceptional coverage for every one in all your patients. which means your licensure, certifications and ordinary practice history should be appropriately documented, reviewed, authorized, and the final dental coverage credentialing issued.

So What Goes Wrong?

If there are educator to your office without proper dental credentialing, any claims that they technique will be behind schedule, main to hold time in getting paid and even more time for proper verification. You might be thinking that out-of-community providers get extra coins, due to the fact that they aren’t tied to numerous coverage enterprise stipulations in terms of pricing for offerings. but, as an out-of-community issuer, you’re more likely to lose commercial enterprise in preference to advantage it, whether or not through lack of affected person retention or misplaced time in figuring out credentialing approval.

What's Credentialing?

  • Correctly credential your eligible provider(s) with all asked insurance contracts within a hundred and twenty day’s.
  • Notify you within 60 days of your insurance agreement renewal dates and offer re-credentialing services.
  • Publish credentialing contracts within 2 enterprise days of receiving the completed consumption form and all important documentation
  • Follow up at the repute of every extremely good credentialing agreement at the least each 10 business days

Our Credentialing Pricing Schedules

Provider Credentialing

Credentialing is an essential part of becoming a trusted healthcare provider by the endless list of insurance company venders out there in the marketplace. Medstrix is providing credentialing/contracting services to healthcare practitioners who wants to be credential with the insurances

Provider Enrollment

Enrollment refers to the process of requesting participation in a health insurance network as a provider. The process involves requesting participation, completing the credentialing process, submitting supporting documents, and signing the contract. We are offering all types of enrollment and helping providers to be enrolled with insurance who wish to bill the claims and receive reimbursement for services as an in-network provider.

Type of Credentialing

Types of Enrollments We Offer:

  • New Provider Enrollment
  • Adding a New Providers in Existing Practice
  • Enrollment with New Insurance Company
  • Renewing the Contracts with Insurances
  • All Type of Other Enrollments

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